Hi there!

My name is Lindsay, and I’m a travel addict. I was bit by the travel bug several years ago, and I now have an insatiable appetite for exploration.

A recent university graduate, all throughout my education I had periods where I travelled for job opportunities as well as leisure. The past five years have been filled with constant changes both academically and personally, with the only real consistency being, well, change.  I have found comfort in the constant change of scenery, with cabin fever arising whenever I can’t get away as much as I would like. As a result, travel has become a huge part of my life – a fact well known to anyone who personally knows me.

As a result, many of my friends have come to me for travel advice, and I’m always happy to share my knowledge. Hearing about another person’s travel plans gets my travel bug riled up, and I’m itching for another adventure… and the cycle continues. This blog is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and as a promise to myself on my 25th birthday… here I am!

In a nutshell: this crazy Canadian plans to share her adventures, stories and knowledge as she treks through life, one trip at a time.


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